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Brand Story

A Note from Our Founder "I used to work night shifts all the time, many of my colleagues and myself had slow metabolism resulting in unhealthy skin. We have tried many skin care products in the market but our skin has only gotten worse overtime, and we were determined to solve this problem.

Team Work

Throughout the years, the CelesteĀ® R&D team has created the amazing enzyme line of products, the benefit of incorporating the use of fruit enzyme into naturally made soap has lead our company to a great success. Our group of talented scientist and dermatologist has perfected the formula over the years. We make sure all soaps are naturally made in clean and sanitized environments, and we not using any preservatives or artificial ingredients and always watch for the best quality.

Our Innovation


When we designed our facial bar, we tried many different ingredients and found fruit enzyme to perfectly fit our needs. Not only does active fruit enzyme increases skin's metabolism speed, It also has many other essential features including brightening, decomposition, and allowing skin to better absorb nutrients.

Product Experience

Celeste fruit enzyme facial bar will bring you a new cleansing experience. Through simple face washing every day, you will easily find your skin more smooth and tender. Celeste only uses ingredients that benefit the skin health, and our facial bars are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. We want you to personally experience our facial bars in order to see the difference that makes your skin better and healthier.


Fruit enzymes are natural proteolytic enzymes that breakdown proteins into amino acids. The enzymes have the ability to digest dead skin cells without harming the skin.


After 23 years of nurturing research, Celeste R&D team implemented a unique technology (Original Enzyme Transformation B-TE) to refine our enzyme-soap formula to a golden ratio. Each of our enzyme soap contains highly active natural fruit enzymes extracted using B-TE process. Our twenty-first century breakthrough technology and innovation has lead our team to greater achievements.